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A warm welcome to you, visitor no. NaNQ since February 5, 1997!

If you don't know who or what Duke Nukem is log off, please!

OK, now there's no need to explain something on the stuff in here :-). Before you check my sub-pages, you might want to get some general information on the files I offer. Then check the listing and the database. Furthermore I've written some hints on handling files.

Need help, want to point out something or even send me Duke related stuff? Use [Mail]!


I've lost my interest in playing Duke, sorry. You may still send me maps and other stuff but I'm not shure whether it will apear on my pages or not. But the pages will still be up.
I'm on vacation the next weeks. There'll be no new files until August. Please wait until August if you want to send me mails >1MB....
Clean your harddisk from Windoze - Duke and Build run with Linux!!!!! Got it working yesterday, just contact me if you're interested in knowing more...
Our local net was down for the last five days, sorry.
The great Gamelords server at http://www.gamelords.com seems to have disappeard. Or just moved? If you know something more just let me know !
v1.5 of Klaus Breuer's Editing FAQ is out! Check my documents section for downloading.
The Aim4game page has moved from "www.logonvision.de/aim4game" to http://www.aim4game.com. Unfortunately, this is a physical moving from Germany to Las Vegas. But the connexion is very good.

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