The mm-Wave Sheet-Beam Klystron

The planar electron accelerating structures recently proposed by our institute suffer from the availability of a reasonable power source. - For instance, the mm-wave klystrons offered by CPI (Communications and Power Industries), formerly a division of VARIAN, are capable of producing about 1 kW peak power "only". -

The limitation on output power of the conventional round beam klystron is due to keeping a moderate current density while operating the beam tube well below cutoff. The sheet beam klystron can alleviate that problem. The current density can be kept at a moderate level achieving a high total current by flattening out the beam.

schematic of a sheet beam klystron

To be continued later ...


More papers can be found here.

Steffen and Warner

Me and Warner (f.l.t.r.) after finishing the EPAC paper at 8 am, proving one of HENKE's theorems. Here:

If you care about your health - and, of course, the results -, start your work early.

We did -- as early as we could.

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